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Research-and-production company HF Communication was founded in 2006
HF Communication is a team of high-class professionals and scientists under direction of PhD Dmitry Fedosov.

For more than 5 years of experience we have designed the world’s first mobile system for far underground wireless communication XFERRA.
XFERRA is intended for cavers, hunters, travelers, rescuers and miners.

Our company has the ability to deliver innovative solutions for far underground wireless communication, based on advanced technologies for effective business growing and minimization costs of our customers.
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Diplomas and certificates
Сертификат Ferra L1 Ex
Сертификат Ferra L1 Ex
Сертификат Ferra L1 Ex
Сертификат Ferra L1 Ex
Remote object monitoring system
Communication network
HF radio network
Channel transmission method
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